Monday, 23 August, 2010

MusicMonday - ♫ ABBA- The Winner Takes It All(Live 1980) ♫

When i listen to this song i cry rivers because this song reflects break ups and, breaks ups are real tough to deal with... I fear break ups all the time because they wrench the soul out of you after severing your heart open. Break ups embed a scar in your heart, which isn't visible to the eye of course but when you feel those scars then your life resembles nothing but, bitterness in the wilderness... and when your scarred, your scarred forever...

The Abbas, my favorite band from the oldies, must have felt terrible while singing this beautiful, emotional and meaningful song esp because it also reflects the bitter divorce between the lead singer in the song and one of the groups members. You can see 'past and pain' in her eyes, they tell it all... the duo concerned might verbally deny but never her eyes, whom sings :)

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LadyJava said...

Oh I love this song and a big fan of Abba.. love you write up too :) Well done.. Happy 100th MM edition!

Nisha said...

Thanks Ladyjava.. One of my faves too :)