Thursday, 30 April, 2009

Love is eternal

True love is eternal,
first its like butterflies,
then magnifies, then glorifies
once accepted come what may,
love is yours forever to stay!

Tuesday, 28 April, 2009

The stranger world in cyberspace

The day i flew into cyberspace
A swarm of bees set my screen ablaze
I walked my way through the wonderland
A content heart, no one could understand

I settled upon a rock alright
And began exploring the world so bright
Never had i wandered so deep before
That world i cherished all the more

The stranger world, the love of my life
Blinded me much more when i had no choice
The bees did sting me once or twice
Yet my heart made no way for an interstice

So deeply into pleasure and pain
Realized never i was just being insane
One day upon me lightening struck
Shattered to pieces, a heart full of muck

Saddened, at the though of my plight
I then lifted my wings so featherlight
I made my way back to where i belong
These are the lyrics of an angels song

Friday, 24 April, 2009

The angel lover of the knight

The knight declined the angels request
nothing could stop her dreams woven solidest
to enlighten his love, influence his emotion
the ultimate goal, her focused continuation

The goal was set with a heart full of love
two lives would change was all she did believe
to enhance his power, cease his bad indulgence
the knights behavior was yet of nonacceptance

The angel retreated beneath her wings
hope she give up of new beginnings
cursed her fate, cursed him turmoil
none could be saved from a mighty downfall