Friday, 8 May, 2009

His self-centered love

I’ll impressively steal your heart and mind,
With my witty charm and mysteries masked.
I’ll possess your dreams and mystical visions,
Your intensified desires, haunted distractions

I am in control of your soul’s ambiance,
To me who’ve harmed, you are vengeance.
I am your blinded perfection personified,
All this coz, for you i crazily fantasized.

You are the queen of hearts so emotional,
You are simplistic, sympathetic and sensual.
But darling, my love, please don’t fall for me,
You know am not the right one for eternity.

For me the world is practical and enormous,
Discoveries and curiosity is forever my bliss.
I’ll love no other, i'll assure you that though,
Allow me sweetheart, i have places yet to go!