Friday, 15 May, 2009

5 ways to know if a guys likes you

You’ve been dating a guy whom you like a lot and you like to know whether his feelings reciprocate yours. Here are some simple ways to find out, though always keep in mind all men are same yet they’re five fingers different!

1. Eye contact is one way with which you can figure out something a guy feels. Of course, consider two types of eye contacts.
a. he maybe shy to keep a fixed eye on you once your eyes fall on his, and may turn his eyes way in avoidance the away the moment you do so.
b. he may keep looking at you for a few seconds or longer, even if you look him in the eye.

2. Behavior with other women can also tell, whether he treats you the same as them or someone more special, a special treatment. If he does its likely he’s keeping those special feelings for you only. Flirtation with other women someone could be a way to make you jealous in order for attention from you. Move away for a while and ask someone to keep an eye on him to know whether he continues the flirtation even while you aren’t around.

3. Listen tentatively to his conversation because often he would want to prove himself by whatever he says or impress you by showing of his new car, high paying job, abilities, etc..

4. His interest in whatever you do or talk because if this guys interest match those of yours, like your favorite movies, music, etc.. You would know how compatible you both are.

5. His touch, he would often touch or keep his hand on your shoulder, and or if his hand touches your leg by accident and wouldn’t want to move away immediately.

Study his body language, you can tell in many others ways and don’t rely on just one way to trust his feelings :-)