Saturday, 23 July, 2011

How to make your man truly love you

Once you've met that special man, how do you make him love you? What's the difference between lust and love? What should you know about the man who develops feelings of lust towards you? If you play it right, he will love you. If you don't then you'll only scare him away. So what do you do? Understanding men and male feelings is important if you want to make him fall in love.

Lust Versus Love

Lust is not the same thing as love. Most men don't even realize that. You can always create a feeling of lust in a man. Simply put on a revealing outfit and flirt with him. He may be attracted to you, but that doesn't mean he loves you. Lust is only pure physical attraction but that's not a long-term relationship. Men have a tendency to turn their feelings of love on and off more frequently than women.

Make Him Feel

If you want a man to truly love you, you have to trigger his feelings from deep inside. You have to make him feel great and develop a positive emotion that he would sense as some type of magic. Being a "knockout" beauty would be great, but very few women can really make a man swoon by their looks alone. Therefore, you need to find where his secret emotional buttons are and press them. You may do this simply by being supportive in his hobbies, interests, and maybe even his career. Any time he does something exceptionally well, show him you acknowledge what he has done. This is a great way to develop male feelings of love.

Stay With His Pace

As your relationship takes root, be patient. Men need a great deal of time to develop their feelings of love. Creating love takes much more than just flirting and heart-touching conversations. Let him set the pace on which the relationship is to grow. Absolutely, never try to accelerate the growth of your romance. Take your time and have fun as things slowly progress. Pressuring him will only make him run for cover. Understanding male feelings is essential when making a man fall in love.