Saturday, 6 February, 2010

Cheap valentine day gifts

It's around the corner and you are in a worry some situation about the gift you will be gifting to your lover. Don't worry here is a list of items that could be purchased within budget and would still be of value to your partner. Remember you don't need to over-spend to make your partner content, in fact the genuine emotions that come with the gift will matter more to them.

Beautifully decked and handmade dry fruit basket
A packet of chocolates
Audio CD's and cassettes
A pen set
A beauty kit
Photo collage, reminding him/her of the special moments you guys spent together
Wallet or handbag
Movie tickets, for the two of you
Imitation jewelry
Personalized coffee mug
Romantic dinner at home, with dishes made by you
Handmade crafts
Book of love poems
Heart-shaped balloons
Romantic novel
Key chains
Sun glasses