Saturday, 17 October, 2009

Tips for online romance and activities

Are you involved in an online romance? sharing deep thoughts, communication and being expressive the best you can will help lead to a better committed life. Use these tips to the best you can ;-)

Chat whenever time permits and chat honestly and there should be no communication gap.

Voice chat at whatever opportunity you get as it helps to better the communication between distanced romance.

Play online virtual games(facebook has some great apps).

Share your dreams and fantasies of each other.

Treat each other to virtual treats.

Send each other loving greetings, cards, wallpapers and loving messages

Talk about how you went about the day missing the person, and general day to day topics

Know each others likes and dislikes through chat

Search the stores on the web, and view and discuss furnishing items for your future home if you plan to spend the rest of your life with them

last but not the least, share virtual kiss!