Tuesday, 28 April, 2009

The stranger world in cyberspace

The day i flew into cyberspace
A swarm of bees set my screen ablaze
I walked my way through the wonderland
A content heart, no one could understand

I settled upon a rock alright
And began exploring the world so bright
Never had i wandered so deep before
That world i cherished all the more

The stranger world, the love of my life
Blinded me much more when i had no choice
The bees did sting me once or twice
Yet my heart made no way for an interstice

So deeply into pleasure and pain
Realized never i was just being insane
One day upon me lightening struck
Shattered to pieces, a heart full of muck

Saddened, at the though of my plight
I then lifted my wings so featherlight
I made my way back to where i belong
These are the lyrics of an angels song