Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

Poem- you poem

Why do you walk away,
and break my heart.
You took my faith, my love, my life,
You told me you loved me....You lied.
When I look into your eyes,
The look I see, cannot be disguised.
That distance, that far away look,
Tells me beyond doubt...You lied.

My hopes and dreams have ceased,
My heart aches, reels from pain.
You tell me things are fine,
But those eyes tell me...You lied.
The words you speak are empty,
Meaningless, without gravity.
You want to save me from pain,
But I know deep down...You lied.

As the darkness surrounds me,
The tears fall so free.
This ache in my soul, this hurt,
This suffering I feel tells me...You lied.
So I will bide my time,
Wait for time to heal my wounds.
Until then I'll pretend things are fine,
Forgetting the pain of knowing...You lied.