Monday, 5 January, 2009

A hopeful heart of love

Love is painful, an emotion immeasurable,
it inflicts tortures deepest to the core..
yet a heart as delicate as a petal,
can do nothing, just cherish, wish and hope,
and carry on loving more and more...

Why does the blood seep in so so deep within,
It is love, because of which it is crying,
it bleeds so hurtful again and again,
its soaking, it never feels a bit its drying...

love touches everyone, create more passion
Only this heart so soft and tender
a part of life that is gods own creation
sheds tears, yet acts a worthless pretender...

Why me, the lord chose to be born,
didn't he know this heart is forgiving
still taken for granted and used and thrown,
it is love thats given them all the right,
a passion of time, a passion for surviving,
yet no trace of a future so strong and bright...

This heart that is already shattered to pieces,
will keep on living in a dream so sweet
in hopes that time, as slow, just ceases
it lives the dreams of unfulfilled realities,

Through concealed, painful, natural dried tears
the world outside is cruel and mean
yet the heart does cry, sing along with with fear
but under the skin, pray it remains serene...